Casino model Holly Graham revealed

Casino model Holly Graham revealed - 9th May 2008
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

This is the first exclusive photo of Sydney glamour model Holly Graham who was shot at Star City Casino yesterday.

The 28-year-old model and yoga teacher is described as one of Sydney's "most sought after models''.


Saucy pictures of the blonde bombshell, who has since dyed her locks dark, feature on the Autobabes website.

"One of Sydney's sought after models, beautiful Holly adorns our XMAS edition pages and has us reaching for the mistel-toe!''

Ms Graham also featured on Channel 9's Body Work show on a special on plastic surgery where she admits she has enhanced her assets from a C to a double-D cup to gain more work in ``high fashion.

Listed as a full time model, Ms Graham is also a qualified yoga teacher.

She had just finished teaching a yoga class when her ex-boyfriend Todd Devaney allegedly opened fire with one of his three semi-automatic handguns.

He allegedly shot the model three times in the stomach and pelvis.

She is recovering at RPA hospital.