Crocodile rocks classifieds

Crocodile rocks classifieds, by Carin Pickworth
(Credit: Bundaberg News - Mail)

He is a 3.35m teeth-gnarling carnivore and he lives in the lounge room of a Bundaberg man's home.

But thankfully Steve the crocodile is stuffed full of sawdust.

Owner and creator of the well-preserved beast, "Crocodile Mick", wants to replace the ferocious ornament with a bigger catch — so Steve is up for sale for $8000.

"I'm selling him because he is too little and I want a good 14 footer in here," Crocodile Mick said.

"But he is an absolute bargain, you will never get a croc preserved like this anywhere else in the world, he still has his tongue and toenails intact."

Steve's namesake is internationally renowned Australia Zoo owner Steve Irwin, but Crocodile Mick himself does not like to be compared to the television star.

"He's a joke," Mick said. "Crocodiles should not be treated as toys."

Aside from doing taxidermy Crocodile Mick also tans crocodile hide using a 2500-year-old rainforest bark method.

He uses the hide to make "handbags to order" and interested buyers can even choose their piece of skin before he places a stitch.

"They are one-offs," he said.

Those interested can contact Crocodile Mick on 0402 780 361 or


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