Eagle beats McNaught to TV gig

Eagle beats McNaught to TV gig - 25th October 2007
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

WHEN they raced each other for the affections of surf god Kelly Slater at this year's Australian Grand Prix, Erin McNaught beat her then roommate Lauryn Eagle to his heart.

But in the latest wave of rivalry between the local beauties, Eagle has landed a prize TV hosting role ahead of McNaught.

While the former Miss Universe Australia got the guy that weekend back in March, Eagle has pipped her to the post for the gig presenting Foxtel's popular surf show, Ra5.

While McNaught was chatting up Slater during the celebrity race, Eagle, an Australian water-skiing champion and part-time model, told Confidential her big break on the new show came through meetings with his Aussie surfing mates.

"I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. I told Erin about him and she was right onto it. I wasn't bothered though,'' Eagle added, ``I met Stuart (Bedford Brown), one of the show's producers and he suggested I try out.''

After impressing during a screen test mid-year for the program's presenter, Eagle got revenge on her racing buddy and romantic rival, who was also considered for the role.

While filming on the fifth series starts next week, the 19-year-old water babe will also take on McNaught's beauty queen territory when she competes in the Miss Tourism pageant in Malaysia next month - more competition for McNaught.


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