Entrepreneur trumps up Whitsundays

Entrepreneur trumps up Whitsundays

Greg Tingle is the "Media Man": an Airlie Beach, Whitsunday based public and media relations consultant, celebrity property promoter, publicist, TV presenter, journalist, radio broadcaster, Internet author, and an all round media entrepreneur.

Previously operating primarily at Balmain, New South Wales, and a Newport "boy" originally, Greg relocated to Airlie this past October as part of his sea change, and it's been pretty smooth sailing since.

One may ponder what brought Greg to the Whitsunday region. He explains, "Whitsunday, and Queensland in general, has been on my radar for a few years now. Airlie Beach property developer identities, Karen and Craig Lyons, made my acquaintance almost two years ago regarding the personality management division of my business, as they we putting together a huge gala night at Airlie. We really hit it off, did a deal in unison with my friends, Max and Brian, at Markson Sparks! and the relationship just blossomed. I also had to come to Queensland to organise my Bundaberg based client, "Crocodile" Mick Pitman's media appearances on Channel Seven and Nine, and my mother lives in Brisbane. In addition, I see a wealth of opportunities in Whitsunday, and I'm ready to ride the boom times".

Even though Greg has only been in the area "5 minutes" (his own words), he's already made a positive impact, with the booking of media identity, Ita Buttrose into the Grant Broadcasters' Conference coming up at Linderman Island's Club Med, the development of Internet portal, www.whitsundays.tv

Editors at the major Australian business magazines are ready to run a series on the business aspects of Airlie, starting with 'Wealth Creator Magazine' next month. Greg has also sold the location to prominent American reality TV identity, Bob Winstead, creator of 'Entrepreneur$' - The Reality Show, soon to appear on FOX 50.

Greg's colourful career reads blue-collar meets red-blooded entrepreneur. From truck driver, Sydney Water Board worker, Optus Vision and ITV Salesperson & Manager, Telstra Business Manager to property promoter extraordinaire and founder of Media Man Australia
( www.mediaman.com.au ) Greg has proved himself as a multi-dimensional and multi-talented professional.

Greg's commercial acumen coupled with his myriad of media and business skills have seen him achieve results for a lengthy list of clients - from the who's who of Australia, to multimillion dollar property investors and media magnates. These are but one of many accomplishments which led Greg to establish Media Man Australia.

Greg reports on matters of public interest and those that he is passionate about; the community, crime, the media business, technology and the entertainment sector.

Greg's "break" in the media business came about in an unusual manner - he called John Laws at 2UE in September 2000, as a "call in" to report on "the inside story" at the Olympic Village, where he was an Olympic volunteer, in the technology division. Little did he realise that this was a "coup" of sorts at the time. Since that time Greg has been heard and mentioned on numerous Australian radio stations such as 2UE, 2GB, ABC, 3AK, 98.5FM, 2CC and Nova 96.9.

In fact, Greg has a history of community participation, including 3 years in the Australian Army Reserve, where he attained "Most Improved Recruit"; The Sydney Marathon, Channel 31 Community TV, 2RDJ Community Radio, Maroubra Chamber of Commerce and The Community Initiatives Group, for which he achieved significant media coverage.

In 2002 Greg launched his own news media website, which is a culmination of his media achievements, showcased on the web, as well as acting as a portal to Australian and international media. Today his website attracts over 380,000 media, entertainment and lifestyle savvy hits per month, backed up by tremendous mainstream media support.

Greg has interviewed such illustrious personalities as long time journalist and broadcaster, Phillip Adams, Derryn Hinch, Max Markson, Harry M. Miller, John Stavrou, Bessie Bardot, Kym Jackson, Joy Hruby, Darren Gray, Ash Long, Steve A'hern, David Steinhoff, Rebecca Wilson, Dan Kennedy, Danny Schechter "The Media Dissector", Phil Tripp, Johnny Valiant, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and a host of others.

On the legal front, Greg has conducted in-depth interviews with "legal eagles" like Derrick Wilding (Communications Law Centre), Lee Tien (Electronic Frontier Foundation), and prominent entertainment and property lawyer, Aisha Amjad. He also consulted with Mick Pitman regarding his case against the other "crocodile hunter", Steve Irwin, and is currently acting for Kashif Amjad of Slimtel, who is involved in a matter of dispute with Optus SingTel. Greg is quick to point out, "I'm not a lawyer, but I know what works, and I know many top line barristers and attorneys who get the job done".

Greg is a self confessed media and entertainment junkie, and he spends his spare time on the Internet, at the pub, and on some of the world's most beautiful beaches, such as Airlie, Whitehaven, Seal Rocks and Surfers'.

He expresses his artistic streak via his writing, and doing business with some of Australia's most talented creatives including Tony Rafty OAM, Brett Clements, of 'Aquanauts' and 'Wonder World' fame, and a number of authors and film makers, some of which titles are found in book stores and outlets at Airlie.

This past year saw Media Man Australia's property interests expand, with the representation of La Mercia Developments, and a gentleman's agreement with the region's other prominent developer, John Stavrou, who is set to great business with Ivana Trump in a few months time. He also booked Slamming" Sam Kekovich into the Lascorp Developments recent seminar. Furthermore, he showcased his property and investments portfolio online, resulting in even more success, driven from outside investors and entrepreneurs.

A flagship project of Greg's is 'Hottest On TV' ( www.hottestontv.com.au ) which is an online based rating system for; you guessed it, the 500 hottest personalities on Australian television. Greg believes some of Airlie Beach's lifestyle, travel and consumer goods operations could benefit tremendously from 'Hottest'. He confidently says, "Think about it, 'Hottest' attracts over 2.4 million hits per month by the 17 to 35 bracket who want a say so about Australian television and the entertainment sector as a whole. Youth have been turning off TV's and logging onto the net. Just look at the amount of Internet cafes at Airlie. We are currently giving away prizes in a series of competitions, and sponsorship opportunities still exist. As if that's not enough, 'Hottest' also attracts a great deal of mainstream media coverage, most recently with an appearance in 'The Australian' (media and marketing). Hello Virgin and Jetstar!"

Greg has also secured a working agreement with the Coastal News Network, based in the U.S, who are keen to showcase more "Aussie" news and content, and prominent lifestyle and media entrepreneur, and Whitsunday identity, Captain Dan Van Blarcom sees merit in many of Greg's projects, particularly Coastal News Network, 'Hottest' and 'Entrepreneur$'.

Cap'n Dan says of Greg's ambitious plans, "Only recently some were ready to write off the 'Yummy Mummies Bare All' calendar initiative, which raises money for the Whitsunday Kindergarten, and that project achieved world wide news. Greg helped it stay in the news via his new media technologies and his all-important relationships. "I won't be at all surprised when Greg turns this town on its ear. There's no doubt that Greg and his operation are very newsworthy, and I see a lot of stuff".

Greg enjoys a strong relationships with ABC TV and radio, having secured "spots" for Steve "Crusher" Rackman ('Mondo Thingo'), Anthony Kelly (later including Network Ten's 'Rove Live!' and sports guru, John Novak.

He is delighted with his strategic business arrangement with Tourism Whitsundays, which facilitated a virtually seamless relocation and entry into the Whitsundays thriving business community.

This past week saw Media Man Australia secure his "dream client" - Bob Winstead's 'Entrepreneur$' The Reality Show, where Greg enjoys being the Chief Media Consultant for its worldwide distribution. 'Entrepreneur$' is largely a concept that Greg thought of some 2 years ago, but didn't have the resources available at the time to capture it on video. The program is set to make a debut on FOX 50 in the U.S, and Greg will see 'Entrepreneur$' picked up by a major Australian television network. As Greg explained to Bob Winstead, "The only thing missing in our operation here down under is the video cameras". Greg sees 'Entrepreneur$' perfectly blending in with his client base and associates and the early media and sponsorship interest has been phenomenal.

His abilities and crusades are nothing short of dogged, driven and relentless. Greg has been described by people in the top echelons of the media and entertainment industry as passionate, personable, and professional due to his high degree of integrity and ability. These tags are all qualities Greg carries with pride. Greg is most grateful to his mentor of sorts, Max Markson, who instilled the "Persistence, Enthusiasm and Focus" philosophy.

Greg's style and achievements stretch the realms of any ordinary imagination. From showbiz to Media Man, Greg is loud, walking, talking media blitzing sensation. If you are game enough for the ride, then you will be game enough to see where this media man (power!) can take you!

If the world is indeed ones oyster, this man has found his treasure trove at Airlie, and he is keen to share the riches that await in his latest sea change chapter. Catch the wave.

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