Review: Jackass: The Movie

"Jackass if you don't", by Greg Tingle

Wow, and ouch.

If you liked Jackass on MTV, you need to see this movie.

If you don't like watching people inflict pain on themselves and others, rude, crude behavior, irresponsible actions, and prefer to watch family entertainment that is likely to be found on The Christian Channel or Disney Channel, stay well clear of this one folks.

Kissing the MTV censors goodbye, Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the broken-bone brigade let it all hang out (literally), allowing fans to see their stunts the way they should be seen - unedited and full of blood, naughty words, bile and body parts.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, your cringe, then cak yourself silly, as "Team Jackass" perform a series of practical jokes and indulge in mad-cap behavior, which will have you riveted to your seat, and watching out for untoward behavior of others, while breaking out into fits of laughter along with the cinema audience.

Ok, how funny is it? Somewhere in the ninety minute run, Johnny Knoxville or one of his protégés (Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Brandon DiCamillo, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn or Dave Dunn) come up with something that will strike your funny bone, rather than your knee-cap, whether it be the bottle rocket in the bunghole, or the testicle seeking bowling ball, or the electro-shock pads to the "nuts" (do you see a recurring pattern here)? You will be soiling your pants with excitement. Just you wait.

The cast of Jackass The Movie are, quite simply, modern day heroes for the common man (or maniac teenager). They didn't ask for this role in life; it's just who they are, and what they do on a day to day basis, with or without a cameras around. One of these sickos must have had just enough brain-cells left to come up with a way to make a million bucks out of their unusual, dangerous and fun-filled lifestyle.

This has got to be the funniest (and grossest) film of 2002, whether uptight cinema snobs, and "respected film critics" admit it or not.

The majority of Jackass is a one failed suicide attempt after another, with the occasional practical joke thrown in. It's like the "Darwin Awards" runners-up, on film. "Make 'em laugh" (at any cost) is the Jackass motto.

Jackass is rated R for a reason. The language is not appropriate for kiddies, and I wouldn't let my daughter see it until at least sixteen.

See the film now, that means you; jackass.



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