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Movie Makers and Movie Stars: What makes a Star?

What makes a movie star?

That has been the question on everyone's lips since the beginning of show business.

Someone has to put the "business" in "show", whilst someone has to make the star, well; a star.

Stardom itself cannot be in a vacum. Movie stars were not born stars. It is a combination of factors that make them a star. Directors, producers, casting agents, promoters, imagine makers and the list goes on. Yes, talent is in there also. One has to create or be given an opportunity, and then they need to run with it, and exploit it to the max. The talent needs to cope with the both the set backs and the accolades, as the pressure mounts for them. They need to cement their place in the industry, rather than be just another "flash in the pan", where they in fact become a "super star" of the industry, just by nature, as the effort VS reward plays out in way way that is anything but scripted.

Movie stars usually possess that intangible that helps make them a star, Sometimes it's that super charismatic trait, sometimes, "its in the eyes", or it's that they have "the look".

Let's look at some of the industries biggest stars...Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Woddy Allen, Jackie Chan, Russell Crowe, Goldie Hawn, and Susan Sarrandon. They certainly all ran with the punches, and didn't quit, even after a few appearances that were anything but award winning.

Stardom is an enduring and endearing quality. It's about who the industry and the public want to see become a star. The star needs excellent timing and be able to adapt to opportunities at hand, and most importantly, seize the moments along their journey, enabling them to reach their final destination of stardom.

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