Ratings stunt or fair comment?

Ratings stunt or fair comment, by Greg Tingle - 22nd September 2003

Ratings stunt or fair comment?

Congrats on the recent coverage of the wars between 2GB and 2UE, not to mention 2UE VS 2UE.

As the say, the enemy is often found within. Although, in 2UE's case, am I the only one who suspects that Golden Tonsils vs The Price Man is a set-up.

Both combatants were somewhat claiming victory the next day, with Laws and Price saying they were still mates, but Laws would only apologise for his language.

If it is a trick, it's well done. 2UE insiders said Laws had some heated discussions with folks in the 2UE cell, and Price was seen, and photographed leaving cellblock C, in a huff.

If this is not a way to spike ratings, what the frig is? Only problem is, its not Yet. Perhaps we are in for a series of personal attacks? What ever the case, feathers are bound to fly at both the UE and GB nests.

Couple that with possibly Australia's most hated politician in on the act, Carr nee Jones, coming up from the rear, and Singo, probably Australia's most popular media figure orchestrating things, and we have radio's version of Reality TV.


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