Rats in the Ranks: Australian Council's Run Amuck!

Rats in the Ranks: Australian Council's Run Amuck, by Greg Tingle

Greg "Media Man" Tingle will remove the smirks!

What do you hate about your local council?

That indeed is the question as "big brother" continues to creep further to your front door.

Would you gladly pay $152 to park in your very own street?!

Local councils have long been the scourge of Australian society.

It's easy to argue that the bad rap they have been given is well deserved.

They are at time a hive for corruption of the highest level.

In the past few years many NSW councils have been put under the microscope due to leaks of corruption and misappropriation of funds, tax payers funding private interests of directors, mates rates, big fat contracts being feeded off to mates of the "in crew" and the list goes on.

Let's look at a few basic examples:

Canterbury City Council:
Massive water sewer problems, heath concerns

Randwick City Council:
Flagged For Development! How much did those post code flags cost?
Oasis In the East - Maroubra Bay Hotel pollution
Maroubra and Malabah Sewer Beach!
Corrupt Officials

Leichhardt City Council:
Brown Bombers - Brown Nosing some businesses and residents - booking Community TV guests and presenters on TV taping night
Corrupt officials
Lack of parking in Streets such as Waterview Street, Balmain. No other option than to park "illegally"

South Sydney Council:
Where's that boarder supposed to run?
Massive Crime Levels

The inspiration for this basic piece came from seeing misjustice first hand whilst living at both Maroubra Beach and Balmain.

Would you believe that just 1 week after moving to Balmain I received a parking ticket infringement from parking outside my place, as one night there was no parking left in my street, so I parked on a corner, and when I went to move my car the next day I have the long yellow envelope attached to the car. (I am writing to complain, and let them know what the situation is, and that if they don't do the right thing it will cost them dearly).

These so called councils attacking the community at their front door, in urban sprawled community environments! $152 to park at your residence. Stick it where the sun don't shine you bastards!

I look forward to meeting these scum of Leichhardt council and telling them face to face what cowards and poor excesses for human beings they are.

Sorry guys, I won't be buying your Australian Local Government Guide for $495 or more. Blood suckers!

Do you have a grievance with your local council? Tell us, and we will together bring down these scum of society.

Rats in the ranks is right. Oh, hire the documentary on video today.

Something tells us that there are a few more rats yet to exterminate, but we now have the weapons!



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Greg Tingle (director of Media Man Australia) prepared to battle Leichhardt council in court. It won't be a pretty sight folks!

Greg Tingle will expose council corruption at the highest level to the low gutter level in Balmain!

Newsrooms of Australia call to attention:

Cameras Live Action! You want real news - real "grass roots" stuff? Media Man Australia will bring you a first hand account from a local council court. It will be well worth the price of admission folks! And you thought Bob Brown from The Greens was loud!

Date, Time and location to be announced in the near future. Leichhardt Council - SMILE : )

Contact: news@CasinoNewsMedia.com.com.au

Agenda includes:

Exposing council corruption

Brown Bomber payoffs

Mates Rates

Cash For Comment - Council takes out big fat ads at huge expense for favorable comment

Smashed Glass cover ups

Whose friggin who for favors

Preying on community TV guests with no place to park

Bullshit company lines and policy

So called freedom of information and freedom of speech

Politicians playing the family man, when they are anything but (public deception and living a lie)!