'Real' crocodile hunter denies zoo plot

'Real' crocodile hunter denies zoo plot
(Credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

News item "leaked" by Greg Tingle, representing Mick Pitman

A war of words has erupted between two of Queensland's crocodile hunters.

The man who sees himself as Australia's real crocodile hunter, Mick Pittman, believes he has been targeted by Australia Zoo owner Steve Irwin.

Mr Pittman says police went to his house in Bundaberg last night, accusing him of threatening to blow up Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.

But he says all he wants is for Steve Irwin to relinquish the name "crocodile hunter".

"I talked to them and asked them for an apology because the trademark name that we had a blow up about last year isn't even owned by Steve Irwin," he said.

"I was threatened with litigation from the company," he said.




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