Spiritual healing helps Holly Graham

Spirital healing helps Holly Graham - 10th May 2008
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

She led a glamorous life mixing with stars including Sophie Monk and Jennifer Hawkins, but Holly Graham turned her back on modelling for a spiritual life.

The blonde's sexy pout and curvaceous body made her one of the "most sought-after models'' when she was modelling three years ago.

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However, she abandoned the glossy magazines to pursue yoga and tantra meditation.

Fellow model Sheridyn Fisher, a protege of Holly since the age of 17, said her down-to earth attitude marked her out from other members of her notoriously shallow profession.

"I can't believe this has happened to her. She was really lovely. She wasn't like some of the other models you meet who can be quite bitchy," she said.

"I used to cut out clippings of her and say to my mum 'I want to be like her one day','' she said.

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Eighteen months ago the 28 year old worked as a cocktail waitress at Star City casino before following her dream to be a fitness instructor.

Yesterday Ms Graham's family issued a statement on behalf of their daughter, who is recovering in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital after being shot twice in the stomach and once in the thigh.

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Father John Graham said: "We feel her fitness and healthy lifestyle will greatly assist her recovery,'' .

"She is devastated at what has happened but her focus is on recovering and getting back to life.

"Holly's colleagues cared for her in the minutes after the shooting, and then the ambulance officers and the police were fantastic.''

Last night it was business as usual at the casino's health club, where Ms Graham worked.


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