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Media Man Australia offers a wide array of media service including:

  • Media exposure - articles, TV and radio interview "spots" organised.
  • Media Management - we help others manage the media, rather than the media managing you.
  • Sales copy - words that work. Articles, press releases, reviews and more.
  • Consultancy Services - utilise our industry experience. We develop solutions that work.
  • Public Relations - get the right message out . Stealth marketing, project management and more.
  • Press Releases - utilise our contacts and databases. Product launches and more. PR that works.
  • Convergent Media - multimedia interviews, web development, portal development, e-mail lists etc. We don't just trade links.
  • Video, audio and photography services.
  • Public speaking engagements. Media Forums, Master of Ceremonies, Ring Announcing.
  • Talent booking. We can book some of Australia's greatest public speakers and hot models for you and your event.
  • Government Grant consultation and guidance - based on our experience
  • Media qualifications assistance and guidance - based on our experience
  • Reviews - books, videos, CD's, Games.
  • Networking events - meet others in your line of work. Gain new clients that you want to deal with.
  • Relationship leveraging, relationship marketing, third person approaches and people power!
  • Internet Broadcasting - we are our own broadcaster! Plug into approx 1 million hits per month! A top ten website (Hitwise Australia)
  • Product placement and celebrity endorsement (ask about Universal Peace Centre Retreat, Hottest On TV, Messages On Hold, Bessie Bardot, Essan Laurent, B&T and Fairfax (The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age)
  • Social networking websites
  • Collaboration with the right worthy causes and charities

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Greg Tingle - CEO
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