Website Review: Media Man Australia

Media Man Australia - Taking on the big guns of media

Media Man Australia is a breath of fresh air in the news media website space.

From the onset, it is obvious that the sites' founder, Greg Tingle, takes great pride in his work from both an online and journalist point of view. This website is newsworthy.

The usability and site design is functional, yet slick and exciting.

Some website veterans may argue that the slick gold and yellow text on black background is not good for the eyes and will reduce the time duration site visitors spend there. I tend to disagree.

The black, gold and white color scheme may have something to do with the Directors' numerous appearances on Radio 2UE. Behind the black background sits grey edging. It's no coincidence that a large 2UE logo can be found in the top-right hand corner of the homepage. "The Human Headline", Derryn Hinch, one of many well known supporters of Greg's, is also prominently featured throughout the site.

Unlike some websites, it doesn't pretend to be anything its not. The website doesn't (officially) have the financial backing of a media conglomerate like a f2 or Murdoch. Hence the absence of a back-end database (at present), although a Yahoo! Groups online newsletter has been set-up, which other news media websites like Online Opinion and Crikey Media have utilized to great advantage. The founder may consider using the well regarded Blogger web log at some point, to add further interaction.

What is utterly unique is the website's fearless, no-holds-barred approach. If you want evidence of this, look no further than the crime sub section, that even covers the crime spree in Mr Tingle's own suburb, and that of the New South Wales Premier!

The site clearly has the blessing of some interesting media types, with an impressive array of kind words displayed in the testimonials section.

The appearances section of the website clearly demonstrates that this Greg Tingle guy gets around town, and that if you have a newsworthy event coming up, you may want to contact the website founder.

As you would expect with a news media website worth its salt, there is a live news-feed provided by, incorporating stories from the world's major networks.

The component of multimedia is crucial to the websites appeal, as the visitor/listener will get to tune in to Mr Tingle's on-air discussions with the likes of John Laws, and Brian Wilshire, and to my somewhat surprise, at times Greg controls the conversation. Perhaps he does have a "real" career in media ahead of him.

Listen to Greg's amazing interviews with the likes of Max Markson, Doug Mulray, Phillip Adams, Lee Tien, Ric Drasin and P.M. Carpenter.

We are told there are plans to incorporate visual multimedia into the site, and given the founder's background in TV presenting at Sydney's Channel 31, I would tend to believe him.

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No stone is left unturned, as the site visitor can even read about the history of the Australian media business, with an impressive list of its television, radio and print history; although the print section needs more information. Perhaps a reader may like to contribute information to the website?

The website links section is smartly broken into categories like; Australian Media, International Media, Television and Radio, Newspapers, Media Personalities and other. Website links are a basic component, although a most important service not offered on many other Australian news media websites.

The site also covers off on important aspects like a, Contact Us and a Legal section, as a professional news media website ought to.

Verdict: If you are a follower of the Australian and international news media business, you need to visit this website. Not exactly of f2 or News Corporation caliber, but very solid and unique - a great effort for a website that's only been live for a few months, with minimal funding. Media Man indeed!

Need more convincing? Read all about Media Man Australia, himself, in the Bio section.

For more information, contact Greg Tingle